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Why Visit The Philippines? For Travel that Matters

Preparing the banca for an island hopping excursion at Mactan Is

Why visit The Philippines? For Travel that Matters Do you believe in making your travel matter? Are you thinking about a long haul trip this year? If so, would you consider The Philippines? November 8th was the anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan. On this day in 2013 the super typhoon, one of the strongest cyclones on record, […]

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One Cool Desert City. Seduced by Dubai.

Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach Dubai

Seduced by the Dubai Bubble? One Cool Desert City Some friends were shocked when we announced we were off to Dubai for Easter. They warned of packaged adventure, luxury hotels and mass tourism, like they were enemies of the adventurous traveller. “No one ever leaves the hotel swimming pool!” said one friend. And the alcohol […]

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Night Skiing Masella Style in Catalonia

Night Skiing La Masella, Catalonia

Night Skiing Masella Style Are your family activities lacking in the wow factor? One way to pep them up is to do them at a different time of day. Especially at night, where a veil of darkness can turn an everyday activity or location into a new and exotic experience. While checking out Catalonia’s five […]

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Bucket list destinations – from Havana to Heaven

Patagonia Cycling

My bucket list destinations -Havana to Heaven What countries or cities would you like to see before you die? I know it seems morbid, but if you don’t plan for these things they may never happen. In this post (which includes some video content sponsored by Cuba Travel Network) I consider some of my bucket […]

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Catalonian Pyrenees: Five Fabulous Family Ski Resorts

Family learning to ski in La Masella Pyrenees

Catalonian Pyrenees: Five Fabulous Family Ski Resorts We were recently in The Pyrenees. The sun was golden and the skies were blue. The apres ski was affordable. The runs were quiet and seemingly endless, and most of the time there were no queues for the lift. Yes, I said The Pyrenees. In the school holidays. […]

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Family Sailing: 4 Great Places to Learn to Sail

Family Sailing in Scotland, rouding Cumbrae

Family Sailing: 4 Great Places to Learn to Sail Have you ever considered sailing off into the sunset with the kids? So what if you can’t tell your “lee ho” from your “ready about”… don’t let that put you off. Like anything, it just takes tuition and perseverance to pick up the necessary skills and […]

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Our Top 14 Adventure Destinations for 2014

Top 14 for 2014 Grid Centred Feature Image

Our Top 14 Adventure Ideas for 2014 East or west, where is best for a family adventure? Where in the world do we recommend as adventure destinations for 2014?  In recent months we’ve been visiting conferences, trade shows and blogger gatherings to research trends, check out new offers and discuss developments, to be able to […]

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Adventures for Men: One to One Father Son Adventures

Father helps son jump between rocks

Adventures for Men: One to One Father Son Adventures A new business venture is setting out to transform the relationships of fathers and sons. Using the Scottish outdoors as a playground, Adventures for Men will give lads and dads the encouragement and space to get to know each other better and build the foundations for […]

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Adventure Ideas 11: Winter Switzerland Adventures

This post brought to you by MySwitzerland (with video provided by GoViral). All opinions 100% our own. Are you up for a last minute winter adventure? Before you throw your Ugg Boots at me, no I don’t mean the rubbish winter at home where even the sun is lacking in vitamin D, and you long […]

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13 Incredible Adventure Destinations for 2013

Adventure Destinations 2013

13 Incredible Adventure Destinations for 2013 At the Family Adventure Project we’re always on the lookout for good adventure destinations offering options for outdoor action, learning about the world and getting closer to nature. We’d love to visit them all; but unfortunately the demands of work and school and the constraints of our budget preclude […]

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