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8 things that make me feel small

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What makes you feel small?

Things that make me feel small:

1) Swimming against the current of the Rhine.

2) Trying to sleep in a tent in an almighty thunderstorm.

Thunderstorm approaching, and nowhere to camp.

3) Gazing up at the Gothic spires of Koln’s Dom

4) Taking a three year old up 1260 steps noticing she’s not tired and you’re almost dead.

Inside the Dom of Koln

5 Cycling across a continent, knowing there are five more you could try.

We’ve made progress but there’s such a long way to go

6) Listening to a gospel choir knowing you can’t sing.

7) Accidentally cycling into a neo-Nazi demonstration with police vans behind you.

8) Realising we’re less than a quarter of the way to Venice.

What helps give you a different perspective on life?

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