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Lost in Bettyhill

Bettyhill Viewpoint Scotland
Written by Stuart Wickes

Lost in Bettyhill

Today’s ride was a Northern Scotland special, from Bettyhill to Thurso, continuing our journey along the Northern coast towards Caithness and John O Groats.

Taking in the view, Bettyhill

Taking in the view, Bettyhill

It was yet another wet, wild day but at least the wind was on our back for the 48.75km of riding we did.

Ready for the off

Tandem at Bettyhill Scotland looking over Torrisdale Bay

Tandem ready for the off at Bettyhill , looking over Torrisdale Bay

A fine start

The day started fine, having rested up at the Bettyhill hotel, set up overlooking Torrisdale Bay. We’d hoped to go visit the Bettyhill swimming pool but turns out it was closed.  So we headed on up to the Bettyhill Viewpoint.

Bettyhill Viewpoint Scotland

Bettyhill Viewpoint Scotland

Not much of a view

Not that there was much of a view. Not today. And as the weather changed we were soon as wet as we would have been if the pool had been open.

In the mist at Bettyhill Scotland

In the mist at Bettyhill Scotland

Safe haven in a phonebox

The old red phone boxes are few and far between these days but we did stumble across a well placed one, in the middle of nowhere. Well placed for what you might ask? Well never mind making phone calls, this one was the perfect shelter. We did make a phone call though while sheltering, to my sister.

“Where are you?” she asked.

“Near Bettyhill” we replied.

“Oh I had terrible weather when I cycled up there. Ended up sheltering in a phone box,” she replied.

Some things don’t change around here.

Phonebox at Bettyhill Scotland

The only refuge we could find on the road to Thurso

The wild way

As long as they’re not cold, the kids don’t seem to mind the weather the way us older, grumpier folks do. And on the way along to Thurso, as we rode up and down the coastal hills, stopping to catch our breath (and to stuff our faces with biscuits for energy), they found plenty of opportunity for wild play on this wild way.

Playing in the Scottish Heather

Playing in the Scottish Heather

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