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Fortunately, unfortunately

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Sometimes when cycling with the kids we have to come up with games and stories to keep us all moving. These range from the traditional I Spy to Matthew’s home made “Am I holding my nose when I say this?” game. Fortunately the fortunately/unfortunately game has also provided hours of fun. The following is, unfortunately, an account of our day.

“Fortunately Scotland is really close, Gretna’s only a few kilometres away.”
Unfortunately heavy rain and high winds are forecast.”

“Fortunately there’s a McDonalds in Carlisle, we can get a happy meal and wait for the rain to pass.”
Unfortunately lunch is finished…and the rain is just starting.”

“Fortunately in the next town there’s a free Roman workshop. We can spend some time with a Roman soldier, make Roman pots, and dress up in Roman clothes.”
Unfortunately our pot has now dried, the Roman has gone home on the bus and it’s still raining.”

Romans are still in Britain

“Fortunately Gretna Green is only six kilometres away.”
Unfortunately there are heavy roadworks on the direct route.”

“Fortunately Ed Roberts, a local, who toured from Lands End to John O groats for his honeymoon nine years ago turns up with route advice and twenty quid for our charity fund.”
Unfortunately his new route involves an extra twenty kilometres.”

Old Groater Ed Roberts

“Fortunately we pass Ed’s house, and he runs out with a bottle of wine for us to take on our journey.”
Unfortunately the rain gets heavier and we hear thunder in the near distance.”

“Fortunately we ignore Ed’s advice and bike along the A74, following a cycle path on the map.”
Unfortunately the cycle path grinds to a halt half way down a narrow track at the side of the unbearably noisy road.”

“Fortunately we manage to turn the bikes around as the cars blast past.”
Unfortunately we get a puncture.”

No through road: roadworks and puncture!

“Fortunately as we stop to mend the puncture at the side of the road, a motorist stops.”
Unfortunately he is lost and just wants directions.”

“Fortunately the security people at the deserted Iron Bridge Pub come to offer us a cup of tea.”
Unfortunately they can’t offer a new route, only the 20 kilometer detour we were already aware of.”

“Fortunately after twenty kilometres the rain stops for long enough to buy chips.”
Unfortunately it starts again as we eat our chips on the roadside.”

“Fortunately the curry sauce has a cling film lid.”
Unfortunately we get two more punctures.”

“Fortunately theres a hotel opposite the chippie.”
Unfortunately it’s still raining when we get up again.”

“But fortunately Scotland is really close….Gretna’s only a few kilometres away.”

We made it!

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