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Lamb poem tribute: Lost again

Boy with toy lamb
Written by Cameron

From:       Stuart
Subject:   Lost again – a lamb poem
Date:        3rd January 2005
Place:       Akaroa, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand

A lamb poem tribute: Lost again!

Cameron had a little lamb
Its fleece was white as snow
But everywhere that Cameron went
The lamb refused to go

He left one on a mountainside
Another on a swing
The third one is still with us
A scrawny little thing

The first he brought from England
The second Santa brought
The third came from Antartica
We fear its’ life is short

He says he loves them dearly
I love my Lamby Dad
My Lamby’s gone to heaven Mum
I feeling very sad

He has a lead for Lamby 3
To keep him safe and sound
But if you see the others ones
Please let us know they’re found

This lamb poem is dedicated to Lamby (1 and 2)

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