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Cameron ‘s Kepler Challenge Moment

Kids at Kepler Challenge, Te Anau, New Zealand
Written by Cameron
Child asleep in Burley cycle trailer, New Zealand

Cameron snoozes in his trailer after the exertions of the Kepler challenge

Cameron ‘s Kepler Challenge Moment

From:     Cameron
Subject:  My Favourite Moments – The Kepler Challenge
Place:     Arrowtown, Otago, New Zealand

Te Anau Children’s Kepler Challenge

Stuart Profile SmallOn Saturday 4th December, Matthew and Cameron took part in the Children’s Fun Race that was part of the Te Anau Kepler Challenge and Luxmore Grunt event. While the main race was 67km up, down and round the mountains on sections of the famous Kepler track, the fun race was closer to 67m across a bridge, past the judges, under the finishing post and across the finish line. Cameron picked these photos out as his “favourite moment” of the trip so far and told us a little about them…. over and over again.

A tiny pig running

Cameron getting ready to go to New Zealand“We runned the race and we had a lolly and we had a medal and we didnt have a juice and we runned the race and the medal and the lady asked my name and she asked Cameron Joe Wickes’ name. I runned on the bridge and then I go’d in the race and I got my medal and my lolly. I saw a little tiny pig running”

Kids at Kepler Challenge, Te Anau, New Zealand

Mental preparations for the junior Kepler Challenge

A medal and a lolly

“Ummm Matthew had a medal and I had a lolly. I’m with my lolly and my brother. That’s my brother and that’s Cameron Joe Wickes.”

Medal winners at the junior Kepler Challenge, Te Anau, New Zeala

Two of the many medal winners collect the prize (ice) lolly.

A lolly and a medal

“I had a lolly and a medal and Matthew had a medal and I had a lolly and it was dripping yeh and ummm umm it dripped on the grass. Yeh… I played with Riley Dad yeh. And I had a lolly. And I had a medal and I had a run and a medal.”

Kids at Kepler Challenge, Te Anau, New Zealand

Kids enjoy post race refreshments at Kepler Challenge

What more can be said?

Cycle Touring under a Rainbow in Southern Lakes of New Zealand

And so the tour continues, come rain or come shine

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