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Be our North Wales SatNav Team

Llandudno Pier
Written by Kirstie Pelling

Be our North Wales Sat Nav Team

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We’re off to North Wales next weekend, but this is no ordinary adventure for us. This time the itinerary is down to you. Well, the Visit Wales Facebook community to be precise. Yes, that’s right we’re going to be guided by some kind of Facebook community sat nav. It all sounds a bit Mad Hatter…

What are you up to next weekend?

We’re chucking out the guide book and satnav, and putting ourselves in the hands of fate for a two day adventure in North Wales.

Did I say fate?

Actually I meant Facebook. Which seems to have as much influence over my life as fate these days. How sad is that? Anyway, we’re hooking up with Visit Wales for a little experiment in travel, a kind of journey into the unknown.

Did I say unknown?

I meant Llandudno. And possibly Llandudno Junction. And Conwy. Of course they’re not unknown. Many people live there and many others visit. Just check out their Facebook page. Why do I keep mentioning Facebook? Because Facebook will help us decide what to do. Of course there’s plenty of information online all year round for things to do in Wales; Visit Wales even has a dedicated page for each region containing great ideas on food, fun and festivals. But we are part of a bloggers’ challenge, where five bloggers will visit five parts of Wales, and Visit Wales Facebook fans will help them with the planning. People who know the area, the facilities and the vibe.

Menai Straits from Bangor Pier

Or will it be coast, countryside & nature? North Wales is famed for its coastal beauty.

We’re looking for a family friendly yet challenging itinerary. As you know we like to get out of our comfort zone; so the more action packed the better. Lllandudno is filled with family adrenaline seekers, right?

Did I say Llandudno?

Actually, a quick search online reveals the newest ‘must do’ in the area isn’t actually in Llandudo. The longest zipwire in Europe has opened up a short drive away in Bethesda. And we’d love to try that out while we’re there. We hope to fly like birds (check out the picture below – you really do fly like a bird) on this high thrill wire on a ride that covers a mile yet takes seconds.

Zipworld Bethesda Zip Wire

Surely it will include action. Zipworld Bethesda isn’t far away. Image: Bruce Adams Zipworld

Did I say seconds?

I meant a lifetime.  But we don’t have a lifetime. We have 48 hours. And we want to pack in as much as we can. Can you help? Do you know of any adventurous activities in the Llandudno or Conway area?  Can you suggest some fun family places for fussy kids and parents to eat or hang out? How about an unusual experience? Perhaps something cultural that we might not find anywhere else? Something new and exciting?

Reenactment at Welsh Castle

Will it be castles, history and culture? Well, you’re calling the shots..

Did you say yes?

Then please share some of your ideas with us on the Visit Wales page. But we’re going this weekend so don’t be late.

Did someone say late?

Yes! For a very important date. I forgot to mention that while Facebook followers will be guiding us virtually, we may have some real life help on the ground in Llandudno.

Mad Hatter and White Rabbit

We’re getting curiouser and curiouser about how the itinerary will shape up.

Did someone say real life?

Actually this pair are not famed for their grasp on reality. The White Rabbit and Mad Hatter will be showing us some of the town’s Alice in Wonderland projects and initiatives. Why Alice? Because the real life ‘Alice’ (the inspiration for the Wonderland story) used to escape with her family to Llandudno as a child. The bunny and his barking mad friend may try to lead us down the rabbit hole but if they do, we’re hoping Visit Wales facebook fans will help us get back out.

Well I did say this was a journey into the unknown. Or didn’t I…?

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