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Practice makes perfect?

Music Recorder
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Music Recorder

Making music – does practice make perfect?

Does practice make perfect?

The sound carries on the wind so it’s not obvious where it comes from. But you can’t mistake it for anything other than a recorder, however well or badly it is played. But now is not the time for making judgments about the quality of playing or musicianship. Right now, as in family life, in our journey and in our attempts at music making, what matters more is participation, being willing to take part, to play a part, to try, to learn, to get to know the music and find a way to contribute to it.  And I mean everyone, mum included.


So the tune is not obvious.. yet

Ok, so the tune is not obvious, but that’s because Kirstie is only playing one of four parts. And not all parts seem tuneful on their own, especially those that are not the limelight hogging main theme. But that doesn’t make them unimportant, quite the contrary.  For without the little parts, supporting roles, unrecognised contributions there is no harmony, family or otherwise. Second, third and fourth parts really are supporting parts; without them the whole thing can fall down. What’s more in our music making those little parts, with no obvious tune or glory can be harder to learn and less enjoyable to play on their own.

Creating family harmony is hard work

So sometimes it helps to have a little help from a friend, to cajole, encourage, support or just blow along with you. Creating harmony is not easy, it’s hard work but it’s fun working on it together.


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