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The Spirit of Adventure

Bikes on Horseback Patagonia
Written by Stuart Wickes

The Spirit of Adventure

There’s an inscription on a rock on the southern part of the Carreterra Austral in Southern Chile.

It’s dedicated to the pioneers who built that extraordinary road. It reads:

“No importa la lluvia ni el frio
Porque esto es un trabajo espirituale
Y por eso siento orgulloso”

Or in English:

“It doesn´t matter about the rain, nor the cold
Because this is a work of spirit
And for that I feel proud”

Let the spirit of adventure take hold

In the week in which Kirstie and I have been reflecting on 10 years of adventures with our children, this photo looks back to a formative time, before children, when the spirit of adventure first truly gripped us, deep in Southern Patagonia.

It’s a time while on our extended cycling honeymoon, we made a conscious decision together to follow an uncertain route, one that some counselled us against while others beguiled us with stories of its’ unique beauty. We literally decided to follow a gravel road less travelled and had to face the consequences together, ending up with our bikes on horseback on the way.

Danger Strong Winds Cycling in South America

Together we learnt powerful lessons cycling through South America

Lessons for life

The experience taught us some simple but powerful lessons, ones that to this day we strive to remember and act upon. Life is uncertain. Anything really can happen. Together you can achieve far more than you’ll ever know.   We also discovered we weren’t cut out to ride horses.

It’s a long story, but if you want to know more, grab a coffee, and enjoy The Long and Incredible Story of the Boy from Cochrane, a true but unbelievable tale of The Boy from Cochrane, and his bicycling adventures by horseback. Believe it or not, it really did happen like this. As the photo testifies.

Danger Mines Cycling in South America

Together we faced many strange things, but none so strange as the Boy from Cochrane

Want to get the adventure habit?

If you want a little more spirit of adventure in your life, you don’t have to go biking in South America (although we’d highly recommend it), you could instead try and get the adventure habit with these 10 practices to help you have a little more adventure every day.

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