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10 things I like about Germany

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Do we like Germany? 

10 things I like about Germany

1) The beer is as cheap as the bottled water.

2) When I speak to people in German they understand me. In Spain I speak to people in Spanish and they laugh.

3) The compulsory visits to McDonald’s are made more bearable by the addition of McCafe extensions.

4) Unlike in Holland, mopeds aren’t allowed to dominate cycle paths.

Cyclists are not dominated by mopeds

5) The Punk movement is still alive and kicking.

6) Tattoo bars are as packed as restaurants.

7) The rain always comes in quick showers and stops when you are sufficiently drenched.

The rain may come, but it goes

8) You never have to turn a tap on; they come on by themselves. Like the self flushing toilets.

9) Lidl and Aldi are exactly the same as their exported stores in the UK. Same mayonnaise loaded products, same random layout. Just like coming home.

10) They eat toast with chocolate sprinkles for breakfast.

Oh and funky architecture and public art.. did I mention that?

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