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52 Adventure Gifts for Outdoor Kids

Adventure Gifts for Tweens

Adventure Gifts for Tweens

18 Kids Outdoor Gift ideas for Tweeny Adventurers

More Books. Books are cool at any age. Growing adventurers might enjoy getting crafty with The Stick Book and probably aren’t too big for The Little Book of Whittling. Of course if you give a book like that, they’re going to be asking for something to go with it.

Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Pocket Tool - RedA Swiss Army Knife. Every outdoor boy (and quite a few girls too) dream of owning their very own Swiss Army knife. Everyone knows the original Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife with its shiny red case engraved with the Swiss flag. With one of these in their pocket kids will be desperate to go out for the day to carve sticks, etch their name on fallen logs, and shave tinder for a fire. And you’ll get to keep yours to yourself.

Silva Navigator Map CaseA Local Map and Map Cover. Some will tell you paper maps are old fashioned, but they’re still a great way to study and explore the local environment. You can look at them together, write on them, fold them anyway you want and they never run out of power. A large scale 1:25000 or 1:10000 map of your local area shows all kinds of detail and is a great way to spot things you can go and explore, and for practicing navigation. And with a Waterproof Map Case you can get out and about whatever the weather, knowing that even if you get wet, your map won’t. Of course if you’re going trad with a map you’ll also need something else.

Silva Compass Expedition 4-360A Compass. Maybe this sounds a bit old fashioned in the days of Sat Nav, Google Maps and Handheld GPS Navigator, but do your kids know how to take a bearing or navigate if the GPS batteries run out? Do they know their East from West or how to figure out where they are using only map and compass? Get them a Calibrated Compass and they can use it to learn the skills of navigation. With time and practice they’ll be able to find their way safely around even in the dark, without need for expensive electronic aids. These skills save getting lost and in the extreme save lives. If they need some help learning, what about Book on Map and Compass or something more serious on Mountain Navigation Skills.

RAC Wind Up LED Torch with FM RadioWind Up Torch/Radio. If they’re going to take a gadget out with them, why not make it an eco-friendly, useful one? Our kids love tuning into the radio in the tent. And when they’ve finished winding up each other up over which station to listen to they love fighting over who is going to wind up the Wind Up Torch Radio , so perhaps one each might be the answer.

Gerber 31-000699 Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire StarterFirelighter. Campfires are great fun but you don’t have to go camping to have one. And you don’t need matches to start one. Get your kids a Bear Grylls Fire Starter and they can learn about and practice another great survival skill, starting fires, under appropriate supervision! Why not have a camp fire in the garden, roast marshmallows, bake potatoes, sing a song or two and enjoy a little camp camaraderie in your own back yard.

Platypus Hoser 2 Litre Hydration SystemHydration System. Show me a kid that doesn’t want to be cool. So why not tap into that. Being hydrated when out and about is important, especially if you’re exercising. Survival expert Bear Grylls says you can only survive a matter of days without water. But who’s going to carry it? Hands-Free Hydration Systems are a ‘cool’ way you can get kids to carry their own water. And if they carry their own it gives them a bit more responsibility and independence and means less for you to lug.

Buff Original Multi Function Headwear - BlackNecktube/Headscarf. Of course being cool is really about looking cool and these BUFF Original Necktubes come in all kinds of colours and designs, so there’s bound to be one that’s in. They’re not just fashionable and fun, but multi-functional too with a dozen different types and uses, limited only by your imagination. And with regular, windproof, UV, hooded, merino wool and designer options you’re sure to find something to suit even the fussiest of tweenagers.

Gelert, ACC277, First Aid Kit, Travel Pak 3First Aid Kit or Book. Do your kids know what to do when they have an accident? Do they know how to treat cuts, stings and grazes? Do they know basic first aid and how to get help? With a First Aid Kit they can take some basic supplies with them on their adventures and learn how to clean and treat any cuts and grazes they pick up. Most first aid kits come with some basic instructions on how to deal with particular emergencies which can be useful for learning about first aid basics. If they want to learn more you could even add in a Kid’s Book of First Aid. For younger kids you can get First Aid in Rhyme or Novelty Plasters. Our daughter loves Disney Princess Plasters and especially loves treating dolly’s cuts and grazes in the dolly hospital. Let’s face it, what kid doesn’t love plasters?

GERBER BEAR GRYLLS ULTIMATE SURVIVAL KITSurvival Kits and Tools. Bear Grylls is a name well known to many kids not just as the Chief Scout but also for his reputation as a survival expert. He’s not a bad role model for kids interested in the outdoors and can teach us all a thing or two about survival. One of his many mantras is: Stay prepared. Stay alive. Enough said. If you want to live, you  may need this Bear Grylls Survival Tool or perhaps a Survival Bracelet. For more adventure gift ideas, check this post on our Top 10 Essentials for Outdoor Survival.

Battlebox Ambush Slingshot Catapult in Woods

Gifts for adventure: catapult ambush in the woods

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  • Thank you for sharing! Some great ideas here, some my son has requested. He went ahead and bought his own pup tent and we are getting him a snowboard for Christmas. We have both the boys book of daring and the girls book of daring for my daughter. A suggestion, the DVD series of Departures. An amazing travel, adventure tv show that my son and I watch on a regular basis. You can order it at departures.com I believe. You can also watch it on YouTube.

  • Bloody brilliant! Thanks so much for this-I have decided this year to fill stockings with practical/useful -but still fun stuff, instead of the usual plastic/useless (at least after a day) c**p. I already have the hydration pack which my five year old is going ballistic for after seeing one on TV-she is a bit of a nut abot anything drinks bottle related!

    I have to say this list is probably more appropriate for me as I appear to have lost my sense of outdoorsiness, so thanks again!

    Oh by the way, thanks for the great links-you’ve done all the hard work for me.x

  • Brilliant! I’ve settled on a super warm jumper each and a new raincoat / snow suit for my two this year as they’re very wee but definitely bookmarking this for future years.

    • I’d love a snowsuit myself. Tried some great retro onesies on at the Ski and Snowboard show recently. So very comfy. Hope the kids enjoy their gifts as much.

  • Great list! I also find that binoculars and a notebook and pen are good presents for little kids. – Katja from @globetotting

  • Great list! Everyone has got to have a spork in their gear!. Some good items here I will need to add to my list of Gifts for Fitness Lovers.

  • Great to see your top adventure gifts ideas!! Love to have all these things for my friends and family. It will make them joy, definitely. Recommend this site,Love..

  • I’m glad that the two of you have thought of and listed down so many important items. Apart from the first aid box and torch, I couldn’t think of any. While searching for a complete list, I came across your blog and found it so helpful. The best one is the spork – very handy. Very well curated post. Loved it. Thanks.

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