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Sausage sunrise – an everyday adventure

Sausage sunrise
Written by Kirstie Pelling
Frozen sausages

Frozen sausages?

Sausage recipe for adventure: Sausage sunrise

As part of our everyday adventures we challenged ourselves to embrace the dawn. It’s been grey for weeks so we’ve had to wait for a clear morning. Conditions were deemed perfect at 07.48 this morning. For a sunrise at 08.24. Just enough time to cook up some sausages, fill a flask and leg it to the top of the fell.  

Catch sunrise in a cup

Can you catch the sun in a cup?

The sun in a cup

“I’m going to catch the sunrise in my cup,” says Cameron, holding his mug to the horizon and squinting at the orange glow creeping up behind Ingleborough.

“Can we have that sausage sandwich now?”

“Not yet, we’re still waiting for this,” I say scratching a message onto the frosty bench.

Sausage sunrise

You can’t have them until…

Cold hands in warm pockets

I thrust my frostbitten hands deep into my pockets and Hannah slides her own in with them in a sneaky bid to steal my heat.

“I’m freezing,” she shrugs, but she’s smiling. On this deliciously crisp Friday morning, even the smallest amongst us realise frosty fingers aren’t for complaining about.

A neighbour passes with his three dogs and stops to chat. We would love to continue the conversation further but we have to catch the sunrise in our cups.

Hot chocolate on a cold morning

Hot chocolate on a cold morning

At last the sun

Five faces turn to the sun as it nudges about the spindly trees.
Five minutes of gloriously frosty fire.

And a sausage

Five glowing profiles.
Five sausage sandwiches.

Sausage sandwich

This is what we’ve really been waiting for!


Five full stomachs.
Five empty cups.
The sun is up.
It’s time for school.


Have you ever had a sausage sunrise? 


About the author

Kirstie Pelling

Kirstie is the Editor of The Family Adventure Project. A professional writer and poet, she's the creative and journalistic force behind many of the stories and features published here. She's a co-founder and co-director of The Family Adventure Project and also works as the #poetinmotion producing and performing poetry for print, video and live performance.


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