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Making space for dreams

Wishing Tree, Christmas Shop, Akureyri, Iceland
Written by Stuart Wickes

Talking Point 6: Making space for dreams

I took this photograph at Jólagarðurinn, the Christmas Garden, near Akureyri in Iceland. It’s called the wishing tree and stands next to a special wishing well where visitors are invited to stop, dip their fingers in a pool of water, look up to the stars above and make a silent wish, for children of the future. It’s a simple invitation to open your heart to hopes and dreams. A place to give a dream a moment to grow and hope it may come true.  But of course it’s not so easy to make dreams come true, is it?

The difference between dreams and reality

It’s been a busy two weeks, first with our crazy half term week of post jubilympic London action, then with Kirstie away all week visiting the World Travel Market, one of the world’s biggest travel trade gatherings and a mecca for travel journalists, operators, businesses and tourist boards. That too turns out to be a place for dreaming.

It’s made for some strange text and phone-call exchanges between us this week as I’ve been busy dealing with the important banalities of life at home while she’s been wandering the virtual globe, talking travel and dreaming big dreams.

“How was your day then?” I asked on one call.

“Oh I’ve been to a press conference on world travel trends, met the tourism bigwigs from Abu Dhabi and I’m on my way to blogcamp with the rockstars of travel blogging. How about you?”

“Well, I did the half term washing, took the kids to school and gymnastics, made some dinner…..”  I tail off. It’s fine but not exactly rock n roll.

“Oh” she says, “You know what? We’ve so got to go do a road trip in South Africa, go biking in Bhutan, check out the desert adventures in Abu Dhabi, and go see orang-utangs in the rainforests of Borneo…. Indonesia just looks amazing.”

I’d love to. Really. But right now such ideas are a moon-ride away to me. We’re in two different places; Kirstie dreaming up future possibilities while I deal with the demands of present reality. We’re reading the same book, but on two different pages. No, two different chapters.

Bathtime Letters

Let me just clean the bath, then I can dream

As I pick towels off the floor and put my own orang-utangs to bed I wonder how we get back on the same page. I know these dreams are real to Kirstie, but they don’t seem real where I’m standing fishing toys out of the bath.

I know dreams can come true. But you have to own them. And they don’t just happen; you have to make them happen. They need time and space to take seed and grow.

Talking Point

Does everyone in your family share the same dream? How do you get on the same page? How do you create time and space to nurture and bring your dreams to life? Leave a comment below and join in with this week’s talking point.

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  • One of the hardest parts of being the travel-lover (me) and the one who brings home the bacon (hubby) is that we are NOT on the same page – I dream BIG and he often brings me back to reality. That’s not to say that my dreams are never realized, he just puts my feet back on the ground. 🙂
    I think that makes for a pretty good balance.

    Thanks as usual for the insightful questions. I love them! And thanks for linking up with us!

  • Awesome post! I always felt like I was the luckiest mom on earth because I had a spouse and two kids who shared the same dream. It can be really hard to pull the family together to work together toward a common goal, but so very important.

    How does a family go about it? I don’t know, but wish I did.

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