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Bobsleigh Sigulda, Latvia: A Kids View

Bobsled Sigulda Latvia - Here We Go
Written by Cameron

Bobsleigh Sigulda: A Kids View

Cameron ProfileThe first time I saw the bobsled run I thought if we were going on that it must be fast. The Russians built the bobsleigh Sigulda to train for the Sarajevo Olympic games. It looked very scary but at the same time amazing; it twisted and turned loads.

Complete suicide

I said to Dad, “From the very top, it is complete suicide. From the top it is suicide and from the half way point safe.”

Bobsled Run Sigulda Latvia

The Bobsled Car, at the top. In Sigulda, Latvia

Hold really tight

When I put on the helmet it felt weird. When I got into the bobsled I saw that the handles were at the bottom. I held on as tight I as I could but my head kept knocking against the bobsled and I thought the bobsled was going to break.

Bobsleigh Sigulda, Latvia

Bobsleigh Sigulda, Latvia

So fast

It was very fast. You kept twisting and turning and eventually you got to the bottom. There was a tractor waiting and you got towed to the top.

After that I wanted to go on the toboggan run but that is another story.

Bobsleigh Sigulda Latvia

The Bobsled Run at Sigulda, Latvia

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