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Music with that muffin sir? or The Coffee Cantata

Written by Matthew
Coffee Cantata breakfast mug

What is this music with my muffin?

Music with that muffin sir? or The Coffee Cantata

We enter the breakfast room.

”Mum, I want that table,” Cameron tells her firmly.

“No, that table” argues Hannah. The argument carries on for a few seconds.

“Shut up.” Mum stops the argument instantly. “We‘ll sit at that table,” she decides, pointing to the table right in the corner, the furthest table away from the breakfast buffet.

Both of them groan loudly. Then the waiter comes over.

“Was mochten Sie?”(What do you want? in German.)

Mum orders two milky coffees. Everyone rushes to the breakfast table and scoops up a muffin. Then we dash back to the table, just in time for the coffees to arrive.

This is a musical cup

“Hey look!” exclaims Dad. “This cup has music on it.”

Once Dad has deciphered the music and looked it up on the net he tells us that this is a piece of music by Bach (pronounced bark) called the Coffee Cantata. He then proceeds to tell us the basic storyline of the piece of music. Then he translates the story into our family.

“First the Dad sings in disgust at one of his children (Cameron) for not doing what he is told even when he is asked a thousand times.”

At this point Cameron complains that he would get bored after about fifty times.

“Then the Dad complains about a female in the family who drinks too much coffee, who sings, ‘If I can’t drink my bowl of coffee daily, then in my torment I will shrivel up like a piece of roast goat.’”

Mum did look a bit shrivelled up at this point plus she had only had one cup of coffee by then. The story progresses and in the last little bit at the end the girl tricks the father promising to give up coffee but secretly carrying on.

The story is different in our family

But in our family it is a little different, mum will never promise to give up coffee. And Cameron and Hannah whenever we break our bikes (which is quite a lot) complain about walking and want to go to a coffee shop. So maybe it is not just mum who is addicted to coffee.

Outside Cafe am Beethovenplatz, Munich

Outside Cafe am Beethovenplatz, Munich

What a strange story. And stranger still, how did a famous composer on a random mug in our hotel describe our family so perfectly in a piece of music?

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