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A Great Night’s Sleep? It’s what we all need..

Cyclists welcome at Premier Inn
Written by Stuart Wickes

A Great Night’s Sleep – Premier Inn Sunderland

A great night’s sleep. It’s what we all need, especially after such a long day’s cycling. It’s cold now and getting dark. But we’re almost at the end of our C2C ride across Northern England. Just 6 miles to the finish sign in Sunderland. We could do it in half an hour. Or at least some of us look like we could. Others look like they’d much prefer to warm up their hands, sit and watch some TV or collapse into bed.

Cycling into Sunderland on the C2C

Cycling into Sunderland on the C2C

Almost there, but too tired

We’re outside the Premier Inn Sunderland.  It looks so purple, cosy, warm and inviting. We really should finish the ride. But already the kids are in the lobby.

The welcome is as warm as the bedrooms, the beds as fresh as our legs were a week ago. Before I know it the kettle is boiling, the TV turned on, the shower is steaming and the bouncing on beds has begun. Outside the kids looked like they hadn’t an ounce of energy left. After five minutes in here they are already rejuvenated.  I now know they have the energy to finish the ride but it’s obvious that’s going to have to wait until tomorrow.

Cyclists welcome at Premier Inn

By the morning the kids really are refreshed enough to finish the ride

A Premier Inn Cycling Tour?

I’ve never really thought about a Premier Inn cycling tour before but already I’m starting to think it would be a good idea.  Ok I know the locations are more suited to motorists, but as cyclists we’ve been made very welcome, our bikes have even been given a room for the night. The rooms are large enough to spread eight panniers around, the beds are very comfy,  we’ve got freedom to choose breakfast or not and enough of the little luxuries to feel like we’re in a proper hotel. It’s got a big thumbs up from the kids, more so than some of the more expensive places we’ve stayed where we’ve had to keep them on a tight rein and insist on their very best behaviour. Believe me that doesn’t make for a very relaxing experience, for them or for me.

Premier Inn Sunderland - Cyclists Welcome

Premier Inn Sunderland – Cyclists Welcome

But the kids have other ideas..

Sat with a coffee and a map of Premier Inns I feel an evening of route planning coming on. But after their hot showers, hot chocolate and biscuits the kids have other ideas.

“Come on Dad, let’s go for our last night party.”

But how can we celebrate when we haven’t finished yet the ride?

“Oh, come on Dad”

It just doesn’t seem right. Not until we’ve done the last few miles.


In the end they persuade me. With the idea of an evening in New Orleans.

An evening in New Orleans

The restaurant next door is not quite the New Orleans I’d like to spend my Friday night in but it’s good enough for an almost end of tour party and packed out with plenty of people out simply celebrating the fact it’s a Friday night in Sunderland.

After a couple of plates of nachos, some chips, burgers and cokes, the kids really are ready for bed, just as the rest of the Sunderland crowd looks like their getting ready to party.

But I’m happy to duck out. I know we’ve got a good nights sleep ahead. And not just because of those two pints I’ve had, but because the Premier Inn guarantee it! Besides, we all need some shut eye as we’ve an early start tomorrow. We’ve the C2C to finish.

Premier Inn Pillow

Premier Inn Pillow

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